Concerned Parent Group of Colchester

Parent Statement #12

January 29, 2015
We respectfully request that the Colchester Board of Education not approve the request of the Director of Pupil Services and Special Education to re-hire her after her retirement. We feel very strongly against her re-hire based on the following:

·        Changing IEP outside of PPT without parental knowledge or consent

Misrepresenting PPT discussion in IEP documents

Losing paperwork

     Ignoring recommendations from professional evaluations and reports

Ignoring and disagreeing with medical diagnosis

Unprofessional behavior and tone toward parents at meetings

Intimidation and belittling of parents at a PPT

Predetermining services unilaterally and prior to PPT meetings

Making unilateral decisions at PPT, ignoring parent, teacher and professional input

Retribution directed toward parents and teachers who disagree with district recommendations

Misrepresenting a program

Emotional and financial burden that has been placed on our family due to having to hire a family consultant, advocate, and attorney

Financial burden placed on the town when parents must hire an attorney

Our special needs child has one chance at an education that will meet their individual needs' As board members we ask that you put yourselves in our shoes when it comes to advocating for our child and the difficult, demanding, tiring, time consuming process that we must endure under the current Director of pupil Services. We fear that coming to the
board with the above issues, retribution will be directed at our child in the form
of services taken away that are beneficial or services added that have no meaningful
benefit for our child. We are asking for an appropriate education for our child
that we do not feel the current Director of Pupil Services can deliver.

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