Concerned Parent Group of Colchester

Parent Statement #18

I am writing this letter to express concerns that my husband and I have had over the years when dealing with the Colchester school systems. Our oldest child ( who is now out of school) had a terrible student experiences based on his disabilities of ADHD and being on the Autism Spectrum. Due to the fact that he tested so highly in IQ, reading and comprehension, we were always discouraged and talked out of having him tested for special education services. Because of this and due to the fact that he was undiagnosed until he was older he went through his school years constantly making wrong decisions that would get him into trouble and he was labeled as a trouble maker. He received numerous disciplines and suspensions for his erratic outbursts and behavior. He eventually dropped out in high school and didn't finish until years later. Our younger son had many of the same traits and characteristics as our older child so at a very young age we were determined to get him diagnosed and get him the services he needed so he could succeed in learning. We were determined to not "lose another child" to problems and disabilities that were not of his own making. Once again, based on his testing and high scores we had to fight to have him tested for Special Education even though we already had a medical diagnoses. We were told to wait and he would be tested if and when he started failing. Parents shouldn't have to wait until their child is failing all their classes or so far behind they have to repeat a grade before testing can be done, Especially when backed up by medical documentation. Parents also shouldn't have to feel like they need to hire an attorney to push the school to do what they are legally responsible to do in the first place.i can't tell you how many times we "wished we could afford an attorney" or thought of picking up an extra job just to hire one. What a sad position to be put in for no reason. I have been a resident of Colchester my whole life. It's past the time where the BOE needs to step up to the plate and make the changes needed to be made and do the right thing where these children are concerned.
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