Concerned Parent Group of Colchester

Parent Statement #7

read this into the minutes and attach it to them:
My name is Kimberly Lincoln, my husband and I have lived in Colchester for the
last fifteen years as homeowners, tax payers and voters.
We are the parents of three children
who have learning disabilities. Our sons have graduated from Bacon Academy and our daughter is a junior now.

Over the years working with the Special Education Dept. we have experienced significant challenges in our efforts to get the proper services for all of our children.
Adherence to provisions outlined in the IEP: Communication on necessary actions and follow-up: including
      Inaccuracies related to services that where provided but were NOT.

Diagnosed disabilities by the school that were not addressed in the IEP , until it was realized by our Advocate.

Outlined services in my daughters IEP not being administered by teachers
Recently blatant disregard by teachers of Bacon Academy of modifications clearly
outlined in my daughters IEP.
  And a requirement that my daughter identify herself as a student with special needs in front of the class to get the services necessary as outlined in her IEP
We’ve trusted the Colchester Public School System and the Special Education Dept. (Katherine
Shaughnessey ) as the experts in this area, with the hope that our children
would be afforded the opportunity to get the EDUCATION that they deserve in a supportive environment.
Based on our experience we do not believe that our children have gotten the services
that they rightly deserve and that this is a direct result of mismanagement of
the Special Education Department and of the Colchester Public School System.
In the past I have supported the town and school budgets as well as your positions
on the board, this will no longer happen if this situation is not corrected.

Date:  March 10, 2015


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