Concerned Parent Group of Colchester

Parent Statement #14

We respectfully request that the Board of Education not approve the request of the Director of Pupil Services and Special Education to re-hire her after her retirement. We feel strongly against her being re-hired based on the following:..Our childs needs are mental health related vs an academic or physical disability related. We feel the Director made us feel like unfit parents and acted very rude and condescending. At the last PPT of the school year last year, we felt like our childs needs were "dismissed" and were told hopefully things will be fine in the fall. Not surprisingly they were not fine and we had to fight a very uphill battle just to get my child even classified as special ed. A lot of time and effort were wasted and we eventually had to get an attorney to finally get what our child needed. We feel it would be a great disservice to the children and families of Colchester to rehire the Director after her retirement. I am afraid to sign my statement at this time because my children are currently receiving Special Education services and I fear retribution for speaking out about this issue." Thank you. 
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