Concerned Parent Group of Colchester

Parent Statement #17

January 21, 2015
 Our son has been in the Colchester school system since kindergarten. Our first encounter with the current director was our initial request to have our son tested for learning disabilities after we had experienced him struggling right from the start in kindergarten. After consulting with his teacher and an outside person who specializes in learning disabilities and testing for them we contacted the Director. His teacher had strongly urged us to do so, but was unwilling to put in any requests herself. As soon as the conversation started the current Director was very rude and condescending towards us. Telling me we had to go through this whole process of written requests to various people. Then she asked "and why do you even think he needs to be tested, this is just your idea?" I stated that no, we had talked with several people, one being the expert whom I mentioned by name. I know that this person has been involved with other children from Colchester, upon mention of her name her attitude completely changed and she told us we would be notified with dates for testing. I asked about the process of the written requests and was told, "No don't worry about it, you are all set, I will take care of it".

Once he started receiving services we still felt that he wasn't understanding the work. We stayed very involved having many meetings with his teachers. We asked every year about holding him back and were always told that "they don't really keep kids back any more", he will be fine. We even expressed concern that at some point he would be at a point where he was so far behind he just couldn't catch up. Our concerns were always dismissed.

On two occasions we tried to hire an outside advocate and were turned down by both for the sole reason that it was Colchester. They both stated that they had tried to work with the director with other families and literally "got
nowhere" with her. One even went as far as saying that she felt it ended up causing more harm than good. We personally have only dealt with the director on two occasions, but it was clear to us from the teachers we dealt with over the years that we were not going to get anywhere other than having him pushed through from grade to grade.

Many teachers over the years have made comments to us indicating that they were not willing to challenger her or suggest any additional services. We had a teacher last year as he was nearing the end of 8th grade state in the PPT "he is in no way ready for high school, and this is a prime example of a kid who slipped through the cracks. I honestly don't even know how he got to this point. At that comment the principal became visible angry and told her not to start throwing around accusations. I feel for these teachers who want to help these kids but don't have ability to speak about what they need.

How can she run a department when she has employees that fear her, and is not willing to do all that she can to help the children of this town? I have met several people over the years who withdrew their children as a direct result of the special education program.

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