Concerned Parent Group of Colchester

Parent Statement #6

I respectfully request that the Board of Education not approve the request of the Director of Pupil services and Special Education to be re-hired after her retirement.
I feel strongly against her being re-hired due to her unprofessional behavior and treatment of parents. I have found her to be hard to work with. I have seen her treat the other professionals on the PPT team with disrespect and disregard. I did not feel that she listened to what the team and I as a parent had to say and that she had unilaterally decided for the team what services she was willing to offer to my child. I also feel that due to resistance to give my child services that my child was put at a disadvantage.
I am afraid to sign my statement at this time because my children are currently receiving Special Education services and I fear retribution for speaking out about this issue.
A concerned Parent
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