Concerned Parent Group of Colchester

Parent Statement #13

My husband and I attended several PPTs to determine what the best course of action would be for my son. At every single one of them, we were told that our son had ADHD. A school is not allowed to diagnose a child.
We brought in a letter from our son's clinical psychologist with our son's clinical diagnosis that specified that he did not have ADHD, but had PTSD. The letter was dismissed and the school's "diagnose" was continually brought up in the meetings. Their reason
for insisting on the mis-diagnose was because our son's behavior matched two of the symptoms but ONLY when he was bored. We felt continually pressured into accepting this false diagnose, even having his counselor insisting we accept their diagnose by asking us if we "just can't consider ADHD". She informed us that she was not trained in how to counsel someone with PTSD. We felt continually patronized and condescended for not "giving in" to a diagnose that was more convenient for them, especially after learning school's receive
money for every diagnose of ADHD they can achieve.
We had our son with several private counselors. His private counselor could never get in touch with the PPT team at
Colchester Elementary. I had to relay the counselor's suggestions at the meetings myself. When I did, they were promptly rejected, being told they do not have the time to apply the methods. It is a fact that the staff at my son's new school is ALSO UNABLE to get in touch with Colchester Elementary regarding my son's PPT and 504 plan. We had to go in for a meeting with his new school and go over the forms with them because of this.
The plan to handle my son's behavior in the classroom was constantly changing. I felt the inconsistency helped contribute to his anxiety disorder since it is very important he has structure and consistency.
In kindergarten, my son was consistently put on the computer to keep him out of the way. This highly irritated me as this is not teaching my child proper methods to learn.  By the middle of his 2nd grade school year, we were searching for a home to buy. My original plan was to stay in Colchester. The mounting frustration and feelings of helplessness due to the school's lack of proper handling of my son and the fact that he was getting worse greatly impacted my decision to buy out of town. If I ended up staying in town, I was strongly thinking about removing him from school and homeschooling him. Their actions and mannerisms continually had me feeling my son was a
nuisance that they did not want to tolerate or deal with.

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